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ill be on haitus for a while because im mostly feeling ill and unwell. I have very low energy and I really dont want to do anything. 
Ive been eating less and recently i just got discharged from the hospital because of suicidal thoughts and what not
being admitted was a very terribl experience and i really rather not have to think about life or anything atm
my family has been not helping much with my health especially my sister and mom 

i feel very alone in this honestly
i got help but in honesty it didnt help being on suicide watch and being in the hospital, i really hate hospitals
i honestly would just love to casually speak about my issues and identity with people and people i think i can trust but it
always ends up going wrong and my sister doesnt help me want to speak about my issues to anyone, not even close friends
i really would just like to give up but im just stuck between fear for being admitted again and fear of my family, because my mom did something bad while other people were around and no one helped and i realize that im not ever safe when speaking about anything.
this thoughts and experience has taken a huge chunk of my energy and health 

so yeah ill be on haitus for about a week or two, i most likely wont speak to anyone and only occassionally speak to close friends etc


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